Mobile Strategies

28 07 2011


Helper tools for CSS3 features

26 07 2011

Some helper apps to build gradients, drop shadows, etc.

Flexbox and multiple column layout in CSS3

26 07 2011

A few links to get you started with flexbox:


multiple columns:

Media Queries and a responsive website

26 07 2011

This is from our friends at A List Apart and Ethan Marcotte, who wrote about fluid grids:

and a more practical and less conceptual version from Smashing Magazine:

And a fairly dry but reference-y version:

Media queries and the portrait vs. landscape orientation:

Standard device sizes – quick and easy reference:

Text Effects summary

26 07 2011

There’s a “glow” option in there…

Text Shadow tutorial

26 07 2011

Some cool use of text-shadow – be sure to check out the demo page as well.

The Fluid Grid

21 07 2011

Here’s a pretty in-depth look at creating a fluid grid, i.e., a grid that will resize with the browser. There are some other methods, using the @screen method that we can cover as well, but this should be the next logical step from floats or absolute positioning.

This article takes the idea of fluid grids and advances it somewhat with a few tweaks for other layout issues:

I make this last post with some reservations – yes, there are grid generators out there and pre-built layouts, worth having in your toolbox, but you need to know how to do it from scratch:

And another roundup of the same sort of stuff: